The Best “Week” That Occurs Bi-Annually

11 Jan

Greetings, TCofC readers. As many of you know, we are in full swing of Charleston Restaurant Week, that delicious time of year where Charlestonians gorge themselves on food from restaurants at which we might not normally eat. My picks for the Top 5 best looking menus:

1. Circa 1886

One of my favorite restaurants in the city, I cannot say enough about how much they kill it during restaurant week. This menu in particular looks truly stellar.

Maybe I shouldn't have starred everything...

Maybe I shouldn’t have starred everything…

Myself and MC will be going there on the 15th. There will be pictures of items consumed. Are you excited? I’m excited. Let’s all be excited.

Circa 1886 on Urbanspoon

2. The Grocery

Another fabulously strong contender in “underrated restaurants”, The Grocery has recently been one of those dark horse candidates that does exceptionally well with locals. I have had nothing (knock on wood) but rave reviews from guests I’ve sent up there and every meal I’ve had up there has been thoroughly delicious.

I'm getting a little too into this

I’m getting a little too into this

Seriously, people, they have dessert items that include both churros (!) and “a big s’more”. I adore that Chef Kevin doesn’t take himself too seriously and it shows on his menu. Also, pork shoulder confit with kale, sunchokes, and ::gasp:: turnips?! It’s like I died and ascended to a heaven where they serve only winter vegetables.

The Grocery on Urbanspoon

3. CO

I understand this is fairly controversial as they’re not as authentic as other Vietnamese restaurants in the area but I cannot pry myself away from their beef pho on a cold day. Though it lacks tripe, it is so comforting and delicious with siracha and a touch of soy. Which I have a picture of, by the way.

sweet but warm and spicy

sweet but warm and spicy

In addition, Courtney at the bar is really on top of her game. Big fan of hers! I digress. Thank you, adult onset ADD.

vietnamese noms

vietnamese noms

It’s such a great idea for them to offer three courses for $20 as it’s not that much more than what a lot of their dishes cost regularly. I hope that they do full portions as this would really be a deal for anyone deciding to take advantage of trying multiple dishes from their already gorgeous menu.

Co on Urbanspoon

4. Stars Grill Room

Another new dark horse contender, but I must say that every time I’ve eaten there for dinner it has been delicious. I went on their 4th day open against my better judgement (the tribe had spoken and wanted to go) and it very nearly blew me away. Easily one of the best parts about the evening was the vegetables. They grill them with some sort of Asian hot pepper that almost drove my tastebuds insane. I had never had anything like it before and continue to crave it until I can consume them again. Luckily, veggies are in no short supply on their Restaurant Week menu.

veggies abound!

veggies abound!

I’ve said before that I’m not the world’s largest dessert person so in that same vein let’s talk about the s’mores pie for a second. Patty is also not a huge s’mores OR chocolate fan and girlfriend damn near annihilated that whole piece of delicious pie when we ordered it during our first trip there. The most perfect pie crust: light, buttery, flaky, but with enough structural integrity to hold together melty chocolate and marshmallow. Divine and silky. Do yourself a favor and just order it.

Stars Restaurant - Rooftop & Grill Room on Urbanspoon

5. The Atlantic Room at the Ocean Course

Just in case you thought I only recommended restaurants on the peninsula, think again! HAHA! The Atlantic Room offers unbelievable views of the 18th green on the Ocean Course, an absolutely gorgeous view even for the non-golf set. Oh did I mention that their menu looks fabulous as well?

flounder, salmon, and steak. oh my!

flounder, salmon, and steak. oh my!

That flounder alone could probably get me to make the hour-plus trek from my apartment downtown. That short rib doesn’t sound too shabby either. Ok y’all, now that we’re sharing and all: I haven’t been to the Atlantic Room yet. Woe is me. Cue sad trombone. Don’t bag on me too much, I do legitimately want to go! It’s normally so hard to justify making a 70 mile round trip drive just to have dinner but seriously this sounds SO GOOD I might just have to bite the bullet and go for it.

The Atlantic Room on Urbanspoon

For those of you looking for the full list of menus for Charleston Restaurant Week, I’ve provided the link to their main site here.

Happy eating and have a safe and happy weekend, y’all!

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One Response to “The Best “Week” That Occurs Bi-Annually”

  1. leslie January 14, 2013 at 8:11 pm #

    when you go to the atlantic room….you need to get the crispy fried shrimp! it is the #1 app!

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