SO MANY unicorns!

27 Jul

So most of my friends and family absolutely adore breakfast. I am most definitely a part of that majority. I love it. I could eat it all day every day. However, rare is the moment in my life when this gets to occur. I have talked tirelessly both off and on the interwebs about my obsession with breakfast and honestly I think it’s concerning, embarrassing and borderline creepy how much I crave that early meal. I like to refer to my quest for the perfect Charleston breakfast as my unicorn. I have actually referred to it before on this very blog. Remember? Not to be self-referential at all because that is also creepy.

My friend X-Tina called me yesterday morning and asked if I wanted to grab some (sigh) breakfast. Yes, shocking, I know. She had informed me there was a fabulous place not far from where she lives that she really liked last time she went. Guess where?

Three Little Birds Cafe! I know it looks kind of bizarre in this picture but it was also raining like crazy yesterday and I took this pic on the fly. Still, it’s tucked away behind Earth Fare on James Island like a quiet little oasis off the beaten path. It’s a cute and homey little luncheonette on the inside, complete with brown parchment on the tables and crayons for drawing. Or in X’s and my case, movie hangman. Ever since the first time I went to Macaroni Grill as a child I have been unable to resist drawing on table-topping parchment paper at restaurants.

While the child in me was momentarily satiated, my stomach was not. I was instantly drawn to the left side of the menu where I found some delicious looking options: black bean benedict, Paul’s plate, Crimini mushrooms, spinach and swiss omelet, and the Carolina scramble. However, I decided upon huevos rancheros.

My goodness was it pretty. This picture doesn’t really give it justice.

There we go. Beautiful, chunky homemade salsa atop feather-light tortillas stuffed with black beans, cheese, and a few fried eggs thrown in there. The eggs were of a perfect consistency and the whole dish was packed with so much fresh flavor. I would definitely get this again.

Miss X’s dish. If I’m correct, it was some form of panini with chicken, squash, and roasted red peppers. Also, I am fairly certain that the bread was from Normandy Farms of which I am a pretty big fan. The sweet potato fries are not really my thing and X didn’t enjoy them as much as she initially had hoped. I did really like her sammy but I think we both preferred my lovely huevos.

I just re read that and trust me, that was not a euphemism. We both legit liked the eggs. So there.

So yes, it’s not downtown. Not a complete deal breaker but I wish it was more convenient in a completely self-serving kind of way. Regardless of all that, I can justify the fact that it’s only about a 10 minute drive from my house and is absolutely worth it. Everything was super fresh and very, very tasty. Even right down to their coffee, which was bold without being too acidy. In terms of good, local breakfast, I honestly feel like I’ve found yet another of my coveted unicorns. Bravo, y’all!

Three Little Birds on Urbanspoon

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