Better Than Your Average Taco

27 Jul

I just love our local beaches in Charleston. I mean come on, you’ve got your choice of Isle of Palms, Folly, Kiawah, or Sullivan’s all within an hour driving distance from downtown. Plus they’re almost all free, something that definitely sets them apart from Jersey beaches. There is nothing worse than going to a “public” beach and having a dude standing there asking you to cough up $11 for a day pass to Seaside Heights. Seriously? This isn’t a man made water park; it’s something natural and native to this earth (although one could definitely make the argument that there is nothing natural about Seaside Heights). Moving right along, we went to Sully’s the other day to soak up some rays. We had been there for barely an hour and half when Patty announced that she had had enough and needed a cocktail. At first I protested but then I remembered that we live in the South and it is happy hour somewhere.

What I want when I’m leaving the beach is a margarita. Preferably food too, but just a salty margarita on the rocks will do just fine. The other day we stumbled onto a new establishment. Not new in the ways of the world but new to Charleston County.

It’s pretty cute on the outside and it’s equally retro-chic inside.

A well-stocked bar just filled with different types of tequilas and Mexican beers. Of course, I had to order the blueberry margarita. Upon first sip, it was delectable. Second and third sips, it was a touch too sweet to me. I had to wait until the ice diluted it for me to continue. Not a deal breaker, but a minor inconvenience.

And the food! We ordered several plates of their “sloppy nachos” and guacamole at the server’s suggestion. The guac was so fresh that it tasted like it had been made to order which is pretty amazing to accomplish at a Mexican-ish place. The sloppy nachos were not the best nachos I have ever had but they were executed surprisingly well. Our server (who’s name escapes me, unfortunately, which is a shame because she was great and super attentive) said that those nachos in particular were pretty well spread out and had “toppings on every chip”. They honestly did have toppings on every chip. What really set the taste profile of the nachos apart was the fact that they were topped with a homemade sweet but smoky chipotle sauce. They would have been a little much if we hadn’t shared everything but I was relatively full after splitting with several other people.

We decided to stay and do an early dinner too. Patty and I split the Peruvian chicken which they claim is the “most delicious roasted chicken you’ve ever had”. I mean, it was pretty good but not the best I’ve ever had (personally, I think Patty’s roasted lemon chicken is better but who’s arguing). I liked the Mexican street corn that it was served with; topped with parmesean cheese and a little more of that smoky chipotle. Great texture and I do just love corn.

Overall, it was relatively basic Mexican-American cuisine but I have to admit I liked it. There was something cute and funky about the atmosphere, the service was great, the drinks were good, and the food was crave-able (especially the sloppy nachos). The bottom line is that they will definitely give Poe’s up the street a run for their money in the market for post-beach eats. Where Poe’s offers burgers, Taco Mama offers…well, tacos. A cheap, low-commitment dining experience where you can eat in your bathing suit if you’re covered sufficiently. And who wants anything other than that at the end of a sun-soaked lazy day?

Taco Mamacita on Urbanspoon

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