Nothing says Mexican cuisine like Patron Silver

23 Jul

I cannot stress enough how happy I am to have Mike living in Charleston. I hadn’t spent a whole lot of time with him since college and to be honest, every girl needs daddy-daughter bonding time. The way we do our bonding is through our mutual love of movies and sports. Last night, it was Captain America at Palmetto Grande.

We were starving when the movie let out around 10pm and there was almost nothing open that we were in the mood for in Mt. Pleasant. We had almost resigned to return to the peninsula when I had an idea.

Sure, that’s a photo of the unfinished building I snagged from Google. Sure, my phone battery died last night so I wasn’t able to snap any pictures. Apologies.

I normally go to the one downtown (obviously) but the one off Coleman looked so appealing at 10:30 at night. So we took a chance and tried it.

I wish I’d gotten a shot of the interior because they really did a fantastic job on the decor. The atmosphere is everything you’d expect from what is essentially a Mexican-themed sports bar that serves food. Filled to the brim with HUGE TVs playing sports accompanied by background music that could easily have been a playlist on my iPod, I was right at home in the bar. Also, and this could be because they are so new, it was extraordinarily clean even in the open kitchen. The whole sensory experience was so surprising in fact that Mike and I turned to each other and said, “Crap, this is kind of cool.” What can I say, we think alike. One thing I noticed in particular is that underneath the bar was upholstered with leather, like the back of a comfortable old-school chair that you’d find in a study. Needless to say, it’s markedly more comfortable to rest your knees here than at almost any other bar in Charleston. We humans like creature comforts and if you create a pleasant environment that is conducive to drinking then we will, inevitably, stay longer and imbibe more. It’s not rocket science but I’m happy that the designers decided to splurge on this minor yet memorable detail.

And the food. Well, it was alright. I know that sounds like the kiss of death but it was passable. It’s not really Mexican and it’s not really Texican, it just kind of “is”. Don’t get me wrong, there are times in my life when I just pine away until I can have their nachos royale with chicken which is essentially a Mexican pizza with nacho toppings. It’s gross, it’s decadent, it’s greasy, and it’s delicious. I eat almost the whole thing every time. Granted, it’s near perfect hangover food and it’s absolutely warranted from time to time. It is by no means gourmet or authentic; it’s no holds barred indulgence. I keep digging myself a hole with this description and I really don’t want them to think that I dislike them. On the contrary, I actually do enjoy going there. Their outdoor patio at the downtown location is absolutely fantastic. There is no other dinner place on upper King Street that compares to their outdoor scene. But honestly, if I’m in the mood for more authentic Mexican I go to Santi’s.

Alright, I basically tap danced around without saying what I really meant. I go there to drink. And by drink, I mean their margaritas. The Grandma’s Cadillac is absolutely delicious. I could easily have 5 over the course of the night and then regret it the next morning. They have a damn Patron machine in their bar.

Yes. I am not even a huge tequila fan but conversely I’m easily impressed. And therefore I am impressed with their drinks.

So there you have it! Mt. Pleasant has a fun, clean, Mexican-ish sports bar where you can grab a quesadilla and a margarita for cheap and watch the game. Honestly, that area of Coleman kind of needed one and there is no such thing as too many sports bars in Charleston.

Juanita Greenberg's Nacho Royale on Urbanspoon

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