Old Hats at New Lunch

20 Jul

I feel like the whole “burger and fries” lunch is so played out. I’ve heard great things about Big Gun Burger on Calhoun but honestly, amidst these dog days of summer, is there anyone out there that honestly wants a big hot burger? After said burger, do you really want to walk back to work full of ground beef and fries when the heat index is 107 today?

Don’t get me wrong, I love a great burger as much as the next fat kid but it’s far from what I want for lunch in July. It’s kind of like all these tourists that fuel up on she crab soup or shrimp and grits while they’re here during the summer. To me the least appetizing thing possible when the mercury creeps up is something heavy and cream-based because I can just picture everything curdling in my stomach and weighing me down. NOT attractive.

When I take lunch (and forget to bring it as I often do), I generally like to walk out of the hotel and up King Street to where lunch mecca exists on King Street. By this I mean Mellow Mushroom, Kickin Chicken, Moe’s, Sushi Hiro, 5 Guys, Groucho’s, etc. There is now a new place to add to that list:


I went there today for their grand opening for lunch. As is expected from any Greek place, they have everything from dolmades to eggplant and plenty of options in the middle. I decided that I was hungry and didn’t want to completely kill my caloric intake for the day so I settled on the chargrilled lamb.

Yes. Apologies on the dark picture YET AGAIN (thank you, DroidX) but you basically get the gist. The Greek salad was FABULOUS with roasted red peppers, crumbled feta, pepperoncini, red onions, and really good homemade Greek dressing. The lamb hiding there in the background was served with skordalia sauce on the right(which is kind of like a garlicky thick yogurt and it was equally good). Oh, and the lamb was a perfect medium rare. My whole platter including tax and a drink was $12 which I thought was pretty reasonable considering I was starving and felt sufficiently full at the end of my meal. Plus some added bonuses:

- It took about 4 minutes for my lunch to arrive at the table
- The girls behind the counter were sweet and friendly which was a big accomplishment considering there was a line practically out the door behind us
- We had a manager sincerely make a point to ask us how everything was upon our departure to which I replied “It was fabulous. I can’t wait to come back.”

How is it that a lunch place nailed tasty, healthy, and fast on King Street? Or I guess the more appropriate question is why did it take so long?

Taziki's Cafe Charleston on Urbanspoon

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