Short and Sweet

8 Feb

Ok, y’all, I have sung the praises of Anson many a time here on CC. I ate there the other night for Jessica’s birthday and took plenty of pictures. I’m going to keep this one brief b/c I have a LOT of other updates to do today. Without further ado:

The new Executive Chef Jeremy Holst (who prepared some excellent fare for our celebration) decided to send out this little scrumptious delight. 3 of us are not even salmon fans, myself included. Don’t get me wrong, you bring me a piece of salmon I’m going to eat it. Period. I just don’t normally order salmon because it’s not a local fish. I feel that because we live on the coast we are lucky enough to have some of the freshest seafood that money can buy so I usually go with grouper, wreckfish, triggerfish, oysters, etc. Local fare. However, this house-cured salmon was silky and divine. And all 3 of us were in LOVE with it.

Calamari salad special with local greens and house-cured bacon. There was more calamari than salad and this was only half of it. Jess and I decided we would split it and they halved it for us. It was delicious and those cheese shavings were actually ricotta cheese, surprisingly enough. A really inventive dish, even for a basic calamari salad.

Ok, y’all, I apologize for the awful quality of this picture. Every once in a while my camera decides it doesn’t like the light in the building and goes AWOL. However, the Caesar salad was delightful flavors. I wasn’t super impressed with the plating but I think with a little tweaking it would look like a much more put together dish.

UGHHH the light. My camera is a vampire. This was Jessica’s triggerfish which was AWESOME. Delicious texture, almost like a flounder in that it’s a little more oily than a sea bass. But so versatile and juicy. She spent some time making me the perfect bite so that I got every flavor at once and it married beautifully.

My dish, the wreckfish. I know it looks like there is a lot going on and as Tim Gunn would say, “That’s a whole lot of look.” But oh my goodness, it was wonderful. Roasted carrots, lentils, bits of fried sweet potatoes, and a delicious piece of flaky goodness that is the fish from the wreck. It had almost a middle-eastern spice to it which I didn’t really expect because it was kind a departure from what I am used to with southern seafood. However, it was the best thing on the table. Truly a delight.
As always, it was a fantastic time. I can’t wait to go visit Dennis and Phil again.

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