Kick those inhibitions to the curb

6 Jun

So I normally don’t go the casual lunch route here but I had a pretty great experience for lunch today and I figured I’d share. Some of my girlfriends decided they’d come visit me downtown today during my break from work and since I work downtown, the Kickin Chicken was pretty convenient. They’re so cheap that I feel that they get overlooked in terms of lunch fare. They have an awesome selection of sandwiches and salads and they’re right on King so you can walk there from basically anywhere downtown.

I was skeptical because they were never really any huge culinary destination and to be honest, they still aren’t. However, what they do they do well. It used to be a total dump but they have completely redone the whole back area of their establishment, putting in an adorable covered back patio with twinkle lights and fans. The interior seems remarkably cleaner than it used to be and they have redone the bathrooms considerably. They don’t propose to have the best she-crab soup or foie gras but they do have some killer wraps. The service was surprisingly prompt and efficient and our server had no problem whatsoever splitting our check. If you haven’t been there in a while I recommend going back and giving the downtown location a second chance. If you haven’t been there ever, you should definitely go check out their bar scene on trivia night. It’s a fun group and let’s be honest everyone loves trivia.

Kickin' Chicken on Urbanspoon

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